Mathayus (Rise of a Warrior)
In The Scorpion King 2: Rise of a Warrior
Portrayed By Michael Copon

Pierre Marais

Only Appearance The Scorpion King 2: Rise of a Warrior
Gender Male
Status Alive
Race Human
Romances Layla
Father Ashur (deceased)
Brother(s) Noah (deceased)
Mathayus is the main protagonist of The Scorpion King 2: Rise of a Warrior.


Early LifeEdit

Mathayus goes to the arena to hopefully be chosen to join the Black Scorpions, the bodyguards of the King of Akad. While in the middle of the fight his friend Layla is found out and is kicked out of the arena. Mathayus hits Sargon, a Black Scorpion General, with his staff. Ashur, Mathayus' father steps in to defend his son. The King then tells Ashur that Mathayus will train to become a Black Scorpion. This upsets Sargon, who is jealous of Ashur's success.

Mathayus witnesses his father's death later that night. He vows to get revenge on Sargon by becoming the best warrior in the Black Scorpions.

The Scorpion King 2: Rise of a WarriorEdit

Mathayus returns back to his village after six years training in the desert. He has graduated at the top of his class, ultimately becoming the best in the Black Scorpions. When he returns he finds out that Sargon is now King of Akad, who Mathayus has sworn to protect.

He is chosen to become the personal bodyguard of Sargon if he pledges his undying loyalty. Mathayus agrees. The next day Noah, Mathayus' brother, is brought before Sargon for slandering his name, which is punishable by death. Sargon tells Mathayus to deal out the punishment to prove his loyalty. Mathayus releases Noah and then tries to kill Sargon before fleeing the palace. Noah is killed by an arrow as they flee the city walls.

Mathayus boards a ship for Egypt. He's hoping to find a weapon that can kill Sargon. Layla follows him. While on the boat they meet a Greek named Ari who says he can take them to the underworld to get a sword that can cut through anything.

After retrieving the sword, and upsetting Astarte the goddess of Love and War, Mathayus returns to his village to kill Sargon. After a lengthy battle Mathayus stabs Sargon (who is in Scorpion form thanks to Astarte increasing his powers), he collapses from scorpion venom.